A new logo

Perhaps you’ve noticed it before or read it on Google+; the MolView logo looks too much like the logo from RasMol and I have to change it as soon as possible. I was really upset at first but to be honest, the logo’s are indeed quite alike.

At first I had no idea what kind of logo would ever be able to compete with the old one. I simply didn’t want the new logo to be a second choice. To get the new logo right, I made a list of important characteristics of an awesome logo.

  1. The logo should be distinctive: People should be able to remember the logo and associate it to your product after seeing it for a single time.
  2. The logo style should fit in the context of the product: The logo style and symbolism should fit your product to strengthen it’s meaning.
  3. The logo should be recognizable from a 16x16 pixel image: Shortcut icons in a browser are 16x16 pixels on normal resolution screens.
  4. The golden rule of logo’s: It should be easy to replicate the logo using a pen and a piece of paper, even for people who see the logo for the first time.

I first tried to create a distinctive variant of the old logo but this turned out to be a dead end. I really wanted something like a molecule again so I tried some other compositions but they all utterly failed.

Fortunately, H2O was there to solve my problem! I looked for the simplest possible molecule that is still compelling enough to become a logo and H20 turned out to be a solid (?) base (!) for the new logo. I really like how this logo turned out, in my opinion it’s even an upgrade compared to the old logo!

The evolution of the H2O logo
The evolution of the H2O logo

I’m curious if you also like this logo as much as I do, and if you think it meets the four requirements for an awesome logo (technically it already meets the second and third requirement). Don’t hesitate to tell me if you’ve got an even better logo in mind! And perhaps most important of all after the RasMol affair; have you seen this logo before?