MolView 3

A while ago, I found out about the Portable Native Client (PNaCl, pronounced as pinnacle). PNaCl is a sandboxing technology for running native machine code directly in your browser. This means more CPU intensive processes like molecular dynamics simulations can be executed inside MolView!

PNaCl could be the next big thing in MolView but it’s not alone. There is a whole bunch of things I want to improve in future MolView versions. Unfortunately, the MolView core got more messed up with each new set of features I added in the past year. Therefore I have decided to entirely rethink the architecture and rewrite the codebase of MolView.

I’ve started to work out a complete definition of how this version 3 core will look like. The general idea is that MolView 3 will merely be a platform for add-ons. It will only provide the basic needs for typical MolView features like a menu, dialogs, a 3D viewer and of course the infamous find-everything search entry ;-) Add-ons will be able to hook into these common elements so that I can migrate all existing features to separate add-ons and other developers can create their own add-ons that integrate perfectly with the MolView look-and-feel!

Let me know about your ideas for MolView 3 below!