Hello World!

Everything around us changes and so does technology. You might be using Google Chrome right now to read this article. Eight years ago Google Chrome didn’t even exist and you were probably using Internet Explorer. Back in the day browsers were mainly intended to render pages with text and images (although plugin’s like Flash and Java enabled more advanced features).

Today, browsers like Google Chrome are packed with technologies that can give web based applications almost the same capabilities as native applications. In MolView I want to bring those technologies together to make cheminformatics more accessible and show what happens when you put old math and new technology together in one place.

Without users MolView is totally useless. Therefore I want to share with whoever is interested what is happening inside MolView. In this blog I will be writing about how MolView works, how you can use it and how it will change in the future. You’re very welcome to comment on my posts via social media or via email and I hope you will find this blog useful and interesting.